"Our Answer is God. God's answer is us. Through partnership we make our world better."
- Dorian Scott Cole



Puzzled about God and religion? Losing your faith? Want to grow spiritually? Transitioning in your life or religious organization? Lost your way? All religions respected and welcome. Sound scholarship - no hype - no doctrines.

Articles and teaching/sermon focus on the future:

  • 2017 - Conflict resolution
  • 2017 - Marriage seminar

Featured Series

What Is The Bible About? A quick study of Matthew that asks, "Is the Bible about politics and economics?"

Freedom in Christ Trapped by apocalypse and Rapture? Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of 5

Transitioning 5: Re-architecting our lives.

Transitioning 4: Discovering Ourselves in Transition.

Transitioning 3: Staying Oriented.

Transitioning 2: The Courage to Change.

Transitioning 1: Coping with and embracing spiritual change.

Spiritual Growth series: This series is well researched and looks at many aspects of spiritual growth from the point of view of faith. Topics include: Are spiritual and religious different? What is a spiritual journey? Are there signs of maturity and stages of growth? Spiritual development in Ancient Judaism. Spiritual development among the disciples. Discerning the path. My personal spiritual journey. Moral, Ethical, Legal - If it's legal, is it right?

Prophecy series: Seven secrets others don't tell you. This series is well researched and looks at many aspects of prophecy from the point of view of faith. Prophecy is explored in its cultural, historical, and eschatological context. Topics include: What does prophecy mean? What is the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord about? What does apocalyptic "trembling in our boots" prophecy mean? What does modern prophecy mean? What are our defining issues today, and can our values save us?

Don't let yourself be the victim of propaganda Full Ten part series on how to recognize propaganda. Articles 4 - 7, Articles 8 - 10

Featured Articles

Are You The One? How do we know?

Daddy, why is there law? Do we make laws that hurt people?

God Must Be Crazy To Give Parents Children Do we screw up our children?

Mind, Soul, Spirit - What Are They? Do these even exist?

Zombies Among Us

Who, Then, Can Be Saved?For God, All Things Are Possible

Author's latest novel. Genre: Fantasy. PG, 14 and over.

A corrupt governor dies in a fit of stupidity. Uncertain of his life standing, he finds himself journeying in Hell. He is given a second chance, and is assigned to find damaged and lost, but wonderfully colorful souls in Hell, from any time period, who might redeem themselves through a second chance, then bring this rogues gallery into situations to better themselves in a new town in Asphedolus. The Too Stupid To Live series.

What Does Science Know? A lot, but not much.

Satan's Grand Plan What if Satan had a plan? - A historically accurate little tale

The Signs of the Times Is the world worse? How would we know?

The Woman at the Well: Important lessons for those who want to help others find their way

Why is there Christmas? Why, Daddy, why?

Soul Searching - 2014. The soul of a nation

Pushing a Rope Leadership, on nationsagenda.com.

How to Handle Saying What People Don't Want to Hear

Religion 102 What is the Church? What is its future?

Thankfulness is overrated, goodwill isn't. In this season of thankfulness and goodwill, do we really have to say thanks?

Bullying and Conflict Resolution: The numerous influences on young people's behavior.

Are We Creating the World We Want? Where will special interests and polarized voices lead - self-destruction? Writers and leaders raise the consciousness of our world. On the sibling site, Visual Writer.com, by the author of One Spirit Resources.

When doubt overcomes faith Help My Unbelief

Elder Needs What do the elderly need from us?

Demons Are there really demons? Can you keep them as pets?

Religion 101 What is religion actually about?

Successful Thinking in College Dealing successfully with philosophy and the unknown

To Know or Not to Know - is that even a question? How important is knowledge?




Recent past additions

Soul Searching - 2014. The soul of a nation

The Reckoning Religions implore us over and over to work for justice for our fellow people in this world. This documentary about The Promise of Justice, is about the worldwide battle for justice. - Watch the movie online on the Skylight Pictures Web site.

There Can Only Be One? Really? Note to Pastor Terry Jones on true religion.

Is the Vampire Craze Dying? What do we see in vampires - they don't brush their teeth.

Mosque near Ground Zero Is it right?

Understanding Depression To treat or not to treat?

Spiritual or Religious? Are they exclusive choices?

Birth pains of a new century: What are our defining issues, and can our values save us?

Intercession - speaking directly to God, or not? Do we dare speak directly to God?

Christmas Giving - Will It Be Enough The Gift of Each Other

The Tradition of the Christmas Monkey. On sister site VisualWriter.com.

Lectionary: February 15, 2010 - Isaiah 58:1-12 Sacrifice, Improve, or Help Others: New Years through Lent (Lent begins Feb. 17)

John 18:33-38: What is truth? Is it simply a list of stale facts?

Teaching/Sermon article (Lectionary Mark 11 and 12): Moral, Ethical, Legal - If it's legal, is it right?

Teaching/Sermon article (Lectionary Mark 10: 35-45): What does it mean to be great?

Teaching/Sermon article (Lectionary Mark 9:38-50): Worth Your Salt? As a leader or follower, are you worth your salt?

Article:Transformation - The individual and the community.

Article:Transformation: Community - the history and today.

Article: Transformation: The birth and death of communities.

Teaching/Sermon article: Forgiveness: Relationships God's way

Teaching/Sermon article: What Is the Image of God?

Article: Beyond Postmodernism.Postmodernism is fading rapidly, but what new philosophy will emerge, and how will it affect the Church?

Article: What does a church have to offer? Can we stop the decline in mainstream churches by focusing on relevance?

Resource: What Is a Church? (PDF) Difficult to explain? Print this, or order customizations and reprints. Get Quote.

Play: One new lectionary series play free for July: Sunday Morning Quarterback.

Article: Communicating the Message Effectively. I have been studying communications and communicating
professionally since the 1960s. In this short article, learn a little from my experience.

Plays: Two new lectionary series plays free for June: The True Followers, and What a Sacrifice.

Article: Where is our focus?

Resource: Presenting The Church to Others. (PDF)

Article: Prejudice in the US: What is the message of Jeremiah Wright?

Article: Can I Be Forgiven? Part 1

Article: Can I Be Forgiven? Part 2

Article: Wild Kids: Increasing violence among youth.

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