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Puzzled about God, spirituality, and religion? Losing your faith? Want to grow spiritually? Transitioning in your life or religious organization? Lost your way? All religions respected and welcome. Sound scholarship - no hype - no doctrines.


Author's Articles and Series

Articles in the Transformation series are about
personal and organizational transformation.

Article:Transformation - The individual and the community.

Article:Transformation: Community - the history and today.

Article:Transformation: Beginning.

Article:What does a church have to offer? Can we stop the decline in mainstream churches by focusing on relevance?

Article:Where is our focus?

Article:Can I Be Forgiven? Part 1

Article:Can I Be Forgiven? Part 2

Other Articles

Can You Wrap Your Mind Around the Love of God?

Why won't people get vaccinated?

Can You Please God?

A tale of two ideologies - what actually happened in 400 BC.

Fifteen ways to stay happy during difficult times

Blessings Sermon - Becoming what we think

True Worship Sermon

False Religion Sermon

Fifteen ways to stay happy during difficult times

Accepting Forgiveness Forgiving ourselves is hard.

Preventing your children from becoming terrorists Are your children susceptible?

Moments of Clarity The moments when we see certain things clearly.

Justice, suppressing communications, voting, and Facebook The balance between justice and censorship is colliding in the US, with other interests interfering.

Questioning Is The Beginning Of Wisdom

Tempting God Feeling safe during crisis.

Opportunities in Covid-19 Opportunities in this crisis.

Politics and Religion Do we dare talk about it?

So many religions, so little time How do we know which one is true?

This Jesus - Peace and Goodwill To Men

Enter The Tiniest Of Things

Communicating Effectively. Can we do it?

Are You The One? How do we know?

Daddy, Why Is There Law? Do we make laws that hurt people?

God Must Be Crazy To Give Parents Children Do we screw up our children?

Mind, Soul, Spirit - What Are They? Do these even exist?

Zombies Among Us

Who, Then, Can Be Saved?For God, All Things Are Possible

What Can Science Explain A lot, but not much.

Satan's Plan What if Satan had a plan? - A historically accurate little tale

The Signs of the Times Is the world worse? How would we know?

Why is there Christmas? Why, Daddy, why?

Soul Searching - 2014. The soul of a nation

How to Handle Saying What People Don't Want to Hear

Don't let yourself be the victim of propaganda Full Ten part series on how to recognize propaganda.

Thankfulness is overrated, goodwill isn't. In this season of thankfulness and goodwill, do we really have to say thanks?

To Wash Hands, or Not to Wash: Puzzled by the debate over anti-biotic hand washes and preventing diseases? Relevant information here.

Running for the Presidency: A break from reality

When doubt overcomes faith Help My Unbelief

Elder Needs What do the elderly need from us?

Demons Are there really demons? Can you keep them as pets?

Religion 101 What is religion actually about?

There Can Only Be One? Really? Note to Pastor Terry Jones on true religion.

Is the Vampire Craze Dying? What do we see in vampires - they don't brush their teeth.

Mosque near Ground Zero Is it right?

Understanding Depression To treat or not to treat?

Spiritual or Religious? Are they exclusive choices?

Links page.

Birth pains of a new century: What are our defining issues, and can our values save us?

Intercession - speaking directly to God, or not? Do we dare speak directly to God?

Article: Article: Christmas Giving - Will It Be Enough

Presenting The Church to Others. (PDF)

Article: Prejudice in the US: What is the message of Jeremiah Wright?

Article: I have been studying communications and communicating professionally since the 1960s. In this short article, learn from my experience: Communicating the Message Effectively.

Article: Wild Kids: Increasing violence among youth.

Author's Teaching Series

Teaching and sermon material

Are Christians followers of the Law? What the Apostles said

Is There A Hell? If so, how do you find it?

Part 5: Sin and the Church of the Future Is it the same today as in 1200 BCE?

Part 4: Sexual Morality? Is it the same today as in 1200 BCE?

Part 3: Are All Sins Equal? Is it the same today as in 1200 BCE?

Part 2: What Is a sin? Is it the same today as in 1200 BCE?

What Is this "sin" thing? Part 1: Is it the same today as in 1200 BCE?

The Woman at the Well: Important lessons for Christians who want to help others find their way

Freedom in Christ: Parts 1 - 6 . This short series covers the legalistic beliefs of the 41% who are waiting for the Apocalypse, and who believe the world is getting worse and deserves to die, the influence and damage this is causing, and what it means to be free in Christ.

Transitioning 5: Re-architecting Our Lives

Transitioning 4: Discovering Ourselves in Transition.

Transitioning 3: Staying Oriented.

Transitioning 2: The Courage to Change.

Transitioning 1: Coping with and embracing spiritual change.

Spiritual Growth series Part 5A: Discerning the path - a personal journey. My spiritual journey part 1.

Spiritual Growth series Part 4: Discerning the path - the spiritual journey. What is a spiritual journey about?

Spiritual Growth series Part 3B: Discerning the Path. The mature walk of faith that developed as the Apostles had more experience.

Spiritual Growth series Part 3: Discerning the Path. The development of spirituality and religion in the New Testament tells us much about communicating with God. Love becomes prominent in our hearts, which is the beginning of growth. We continue following the Great Commandment of love, which is the journey and the fulfillment.

Spiritual Growth 2 series. The development of Ancient Judaism tells us much about communicating with God. The Law of God becomes prominent in our hearts, which is the beginning of growth. We follow the Great Commandment of love, which is the journey and the fulfillment.

Spiritual Growth series. What are the signs of maturity?

Modern Prophecy What does modern prophecy mean? Fourth in a series on prophecy.

The Apocalypse What does "trembling in our boots" prophecy mean? Third in a series on prophecy.

The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord What does prophecy mean? Second in a series on prophecy.

The Prophetic Pattern What does prophecy mean? First in a series on prophecy.

Lectionary: February 15, 2010 - Isaiah 58:1-12 Sacrifice, Improve, or Help Others: New Years through Lent (Lent begins Feb. 17)

John 18:33-38 What is truth? Is it simply a list of stale facts?

Lectionary Mark 11 and 12: Moral, Ethical, Legal - If it's legal, is it right?

Lectionary Mark 10: 35-45: What does it mean to be great?

Lectionary Mark 9: 38-50: Worth Your Salt? As a leader or follower, are you worth your salt?

Article:Forgiveness: Relationships God's way

Article:What Is the Image of God?

Author's Series on this Website

What is this thing called sin? Is it the same today as in 1200 BCE? Are all sins equal? Sexual morality. Sin and the future of the church.

What is the Bible about? Politics? Economics? What? What? What?

Transitioning: Five-part series explores coping with and embracing change. Includes why changes are normal but difficult, the courage to change, staying oriented, rediscovering ourselves, and rearchitecting our lives.

Freedom in Christ: Trapped by apocalypse and Rapture?

Spiritual Growth series: This series is well researched and looks at many aspects of spiritual growth from the point of view of faith. Topics include: Are spiritual and religious different? What is a spiritual journey? Are there signs of maturity and stages of growth? Spiritual development in Ancient Judaism. Spiritual development among the disciples. Discerning the path. My personal spiritual journey. Moral, Ethical, Legal - If it's legal, is it right?

Prophecy series: Seven secrets others don't tell you. This series is well researched and looks at many aspects of prophecy from the point of view of faith. Prophecy is explored in its cultural, historical, and eschatological context. Topics include: What does prophecy mean? What is the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord about? What does apocalyptic "trembling in our boots" prophecy mean? What does modern prophecy mean? What are our defining issues today, and can our values save us?

Author's series on Patheos.com:
New Generations Explore Faith

Series are excellent for group discussion.

The Bible and Religion in Context series Five-parts. Religion can become about being an institution or about what we want as individuals. For those who have their own agenda when reading the Bible, perception is the path to insanity and ruin. Before drilling down into the nitty gritty details of religion and doctrine, we need a good grounding in the nature of God. We can start with, “God is love.” We have to prove the truth of the way God has shown us is right and other ways are wrong. We learn from both. The really important thing to believe is that love is the right way. God breathes life into the words as we read.

What Does God Ask Of Us? Six-part series explores if God needs anything from us. The prophets tell us what God wants us to do. Jesus demonstrates God’s love that we’re to show others. The Apostles tell us explicitly what love is and isn’t. God loves us more than we can imagine.

Meaning and Purpose series – What is meaning? Six-part series explores what we find meaningful in our lives, how to guard against illusions and false gods, how to feel deserving, how to find purpose, and how to reinvent ourselves after change.

Working with new generations (Gen Z). Fourteen-part series explores 2000 years of endless change, church eras, the need for change, seven parts on LGBTQIA+, era of conscience and reassessment.

False Religion, True Religion. Eleven-part series on worshiping in spirit and in truth, and things that divert us from our path such as a focus on money and power, End Times prophecy, and how two churches spoken about in Revelation got distracted.

Don’t worry, be happy. Nine-part series explores things that make us unhappy, such as change, things that make us happy, and how to stay on top.

Why Pray? Series. Eleven-part series explores: What is prayer and who can use it?” (everyone). Unrealistic expectations. And criticism – can it be subjected to scientific studies and philosophical inquiries?

New Generations Walk with Jesus: The missions in a changing world. How do you minister to new generations who won’t step foot in a church because they can’t satisfy their spiritual needs there? You understand their needs and respond to those. This book by the author is available on Amazon in both print and ebook.


Author's Books - Nonfiction

New Generations Walk With Jesus

New Generations Walk With Jesus How to minister to new generations age 15 to 30 (ebook, Kindle, Paperback)

The Prophetic Pattern

The Prophetic Pattern. Guide to ancient prophecy - are we all going to die any day now?

Careers: future of work

Careers. Preparing For The Future Of Work And Education. (One year of research and writing.) Free.

Christian plays

Christian plays. and Childrens sermons.

How To Write A Screenplay

How To Write A Screenplay Free.
Basic Guide

Ontology of God

Appease The Volcano. Nature of God - What Does God ask of us. The development of religion.


Death By Christmas

Death By Christmas
Comedy. An unscrupulous lawyer blunders into Christmas with the wrong attitude.

Liars Truth

Liars Truth Fantasy. Second chance in Hell means rescuing others.

Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man Thriller. Pandemic. Waking nightmares, distorted time perception, comas with no cure.

Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized Access (series of 3) Legal mystery. People with endless problems hide the truth to protect others.

Total Immersion

Total Immersion New Adult. Romantic Comedy. Mature themes. Romance strikeout compels a man to fully immerse himself in a 3D environment.


Service and Aid Opportunities

"By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” - John 13:35 (NASB)

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