"Our Answer is God. God's answer is us. Through partnership we make our world better.
- Dorian Scott Cole


About this Web site: This is a resource site filled with various types of religious resources for ministry and personal spirituality. The articles are free, and are intended as challenging and thought-provoking resources and part of the religious dialogue. The remainder of the resources are provided through independent suppliers, including the author/publisher.

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About the author: I am a licensed minister from a "mainstream" denomination, experienced full-time pastor and counselor, who has focused on a writing ministry since 1979. I have worked in many fields and support myself writing. My religious education is through a state university followed by independent study.

My personal view and experience is that those who lead people do best by having very broad education and experience, and I have worked hard to be a cross-disciplinary scholar with education and experience, to a greater or lesser extent, in many areas that are vitally important and influential in our world: religion, psychology and attitude change, philosophy, sociology, politics, economics, business, health/medicine, communications (semiotics, writing, Internet, marketing, radio, news, movies, plays, novels, nonfiction), and technology. This requires constant and life-long study and experience.

I have been richly blessed to have been somehow involved in these fields, often at a very deep level, but I always know that there are people who are much more knowledgeable and experienced in these than I am, who I respect and admire. But I'm the person doing this work, and I try to weigh their opinions against my own broad background. I prefer not to be a specialist in any of these areas, but to understand how they all work together for good or bad in shaping our world. If I specialize, it is about the human condition and the kind of world we are creating.

On the sister Web site, Visual Writer, you would find well researched article series on such things as alienation, forgiveness, meaning and purpose, ontology of God (formed the framework for my book of the same name), visual writing, leadership, and the economy. I began publishing this site in 1996. It contains over 500 original articles, many of which are linked to from other sites, and it sustains visitation of ~10,000 unique visitors a month. It is free and not advertised.

I have wide experience in many denominations and beliefs. My ministry is independent and my opinions are my own. I challenge people to consider what kind of world we are creating for ourselves and our children. I am definitely not a conservative or a liberal, and hold strong opinions that are uninfluenced by dogma and persuasions. While my experience and publications are international and religiously pluralistic, my focus is often limited to the US and Christianity.

I don't even pretend to speak for any denomination, although I am an active and involved member of a mainstream denomination, follower of Christ, a pluralist in religious diversity, my beliefs are mainstream and progressive, and I consider good news a transforming message worth taking to everyone who needs to hear it. I consider myself no better in conduct and faith than most other people. Please evaluate my work on its own merits, not some stereotype. You are certainly welcome to disagree with my opinions.

About factuality: Effort is made to provide statistics that are revealing by using accurate and unbiased sources and placing them in context. If you find a factual error, or a distortion, please report it.  


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